Are Celebrities Really That Rich?

Being a superstar comes with a lot of perks like private jets, lavish vacations, luxury cars and homes, and enough money to afford all of these things. But not all celebrities are rolling in the dough, and a handful of some of the most well-known stars have net worths that are shockingly low. And while not all of the celebrities who fall into the category of being considered “poor”, at least by Hollywood standards, are actually struggling to make ends meet they do have lower net value that many of their counterparts.

A few celebrities who are not necessarily considered “rich” include the following:


  • Lindsay Lohan: once a rising child star, the actress has seen her share of misfortune; some of it of her own doing. Reports put her net worth at right around half a million dollars.
  • Mike Tyson: the former heavyweight champion began his downward spiral when he bit the ear of Evander Holyfield, and Tyson’s troubles did not stop there. His one-time nearly $300 million fortune has now dwindled to about $3 million.
  • Chris Tucker: the actor who appeared alongside Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour films actually has a negative net worth. The cause of Tucker’s money woes is a combination of foreclosures and tax liabilities.
  • Gary Busey: Busey has faced bankruptcy, claiming to have assets valued at only $50,000.00 yet debts of over $1 million.

The list is surely longer than this, and it just goes to show you that not even the “rich” and famous are really all that rich. In most of these cases the financial downfall is the result of overspending, fast living, and divorce. These are things any one of us can fall prey to, so it is important to remember that no one is immune from money problems. If you are experiencing a financial shortfall, take action now to minimize the potential negative effects. Whether you need to file for bankruptcy, negotiate a short sale of your home, put a stop to a foreclosure or wage garnishment, or modify your mortgage, we can help. Our practice focuses on helping people drowning in debt find ways out of bad financial situations.

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